Water Rail Photography Hide

Cost: £100 per person

Situated on a lowland tidal stream this hide offers some incredible close up and open views of this bird which is renowned for its shyness and skulking behaviour. This hide has been built in a shallow side stream at a very low level. It offers a clean and distant backdrop which allows the photographer to obtain some breathe taking images of this elusive bird.  This hide only accommodates one person and due to the light you will only get 2 or 3 hours at optimum light levels. This is more than enough time to get plenty of shots so the small window is not a problem. This hide is situated right beside the kingfisher hide and any one that books it can use the kingfisher hide for the remainder of the day at no extra charge.

As this hide is situated on a tidal estuary the tide will reach this hide on a daily basis. When booking I will make you aware of the time this will take place and I will advise accordingly.

Water level is most important at this hide as if the river rises even 6 inches then low level hide is not an option as the water becomes too deep for the birds to wade and also for you to lie in. For this reason it is advisable when booking to leave it as late as possible so that we can assess the conditions and make judgement from there.

Available: October to February
Max Participants: 1 Person
Lenses: 300mm (+TC) – 500mm

As you will be lying down most of the time comfort is essential to making sure you get the most out of your time in the hide therefore warm padded clothing is a must in the colder months. The short walk can be muddy in winter so good walking boots or wellingtons are recommended. Dark upper clothing is also desirable.

Due to the location of the hide, there are no toilets on site. There are however large reed beds which are discreet, but if this is not suitable there are public toilets in the nearby town which are a 5 minute drive away.

You can make a booking for this day via email at: info@photographyhides.co.uk