Meeting Point

St Mary’s Church, Kirkcudbright, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland DG6 4DS.

Sat navs will sometimes take you up the side street, but the meeting point is directly in front of the large church on your left on the main street. It is NOT the Church opposite the bank of Scotland that has gardens surrounded by a small wall. It is important that clients are there sharp as I only have a 30 minute window from 0730 am until 0800 am and if you are late my next possible window will be at 1000 am and you will have to wait until then. It would also be appreciated if you could be suited and booted and have all your required kit ready prior to the meeting. Thanks

Meeting times
Mon-Fri: 7.30am sharp
Weekends: Variable

Please Note: The Cuckoo will normally be a 1pm start

If it is dull, heavy rain or windy can I cancel and book another date?
Only in severe weather conditions which may be deemed dangerous will a day be cancelled and Scottish Photography hides will make judgement on this. If Scottish Photography Hides advises a cancelation then an alternative date can be chosen by the client. Please be aware that the subjects will still come in in poor weather conditions.

Will I get an alternative date or a refund if I cannot make my booked day for some reason?
Unless cancelations are made at least 30 days before the booked date then no refunds or alternative dates will be given for any reason.

Does Scottish Photography Hides provide transport to and from the hides?
No, all clients need to find their own transport to and from the hides.

Can I use more than one camera?
Only if you have the hide to yourself or your party has exclusive use on the day.

Can I do a combination between 2 hides in one day?
Scottish Photography Hides offer combinations days where the Cuckoo has been booked which runs from late April to early June. The only time outside the Cuckoo season that combinations can be offered is when subjects that only take several hours to do are booked. These include Water Rail, Tawny Owl, Pied Flycatcher and Adders and these can be combined with each other or the Kingfisher and Sparrowhawk for example.

Can I bring a someone along that is not taking photos and if so is there an extra charge?
If the hide is not fully booked and adequate space left yes you can and there will no extra charge. However if a paying client books before your day then Scottish Photography Hides will give priority to the paying client and it may be then possible that the non photographer may not get in the hide. Scottish Photography hides can only secure a non photographers place in advance for a 50% fee of the particular hides normal price.

Can I change the set up, perches etc. throughout the day?
Only at the Kingfisher hide and this must be done several minutes after the bird has left and not after every visit. It is key disturbance at all the hides must be kept to a minimum. This is mainly for the wildlife benefit, but it also offers the photographer a far greater chance of a successful day. All the other hides props must not be changed or tampered with in any way and this includes using nails or screws. Please respect the sites and leave them as you found them.

What time can I leave the hide?
You can finish at any time you wish.

Can I bring my own bait for the Sparrowhawk or Buzzard?

No, only food supplied by Scottish Photography Hides may be used.

Can I try lure birds in with callers of any description?

No, any one found to be using callers will not be welcome back to Scottish Photography Hides.

Can I start my hide day later than the stated time? 

On weekdays the day must start at either 700am or 730am due to my work commitments and Scottish Photography hides will inform you on booking of the start time. However I can be flexible with start times at weekends.

I would like to phone to discuss something about the hides is this possible?

Unfortunately all correspondence is now done through email, Facebook, Twitter  or Flikr messaging. I have made this decision as I need some time out in the evenings. Previously after a long day I came home to constant phone calls so I am sure you will understand my reasons for this change. My Facebook page is Scottish photography hides, email is, Flikr Fudgey2010 and my twitter is AlanMcFadyen. If you have a question regarding one of the hides please take the time to read the itinerary here on the website first to see if the answer to your questions are already there. This information can be found under “hide days.”

What happens if my chosen subject does not show up?

When dealing with wildlife there can be no assurances I am afraid and there will inevitably be no shows at times and if this happens Scottish Photography hides will not offer refunds or free days . However my hides very rarely fail to produce and I have built my reputation on this and I will continue to do my best to keep up my high hit rate.

Can I reserve a place with out paying anything at the start?

No, only once a deposit is made is the place secure. If you are in the middle of enquiring about specific dates and someone comes in and pays a deposit your considered date will be no longer available.

Will I definitely get photographs of my intended subject?

Unfortunately it is impossible to predict nature and there will be times a no show takes place. Here at Scottish Photography hides we pride ourselves in having an extremely high success rate when it comes to getting our subjects in the frame. I honestly doubt any other UK hide rental operators will have higher success rate. However it does and can happen and if this is the case no refunds or free days are offered.

Scottish Photography hides does its best to give advance notice if the subject is not been visiting well and in this instance an alternative date can be chosen. It is worth adding if you turn up on the day and for an unexpected reason Scottish photography hides feels the hide will not produce we will do our best to offer an alternative hide on that day. For example in 2015 a client turned up 30 minutes after the Sparrowhawk had predated the Kingfisher. Obviously such events are very rare.

Can I book a half day?
Half days can be booked, but full price must be paid as it takes up a place for the whole day.