Diving Kingfisher Hide

Cost: £90 per person

First and foremost it is important you have Wellington boots available and also a remote (preferably wireless) and a beanbag for this day. Beanbags can be supplied if required, but please give notice.

This is from a new hide that I have recently finished building which is situated very close to the old hide. This one offers far better light and even better backgrounds. A huge plus is that this hide rarely gets affected by the tides and will only interrupt your day when very high tides that occur a few times a year. When booking I always check tide times to make sure the day will not be affected by the water levels and I will make you aware if there was to be any interruption to your day.

This new hide is also a lot more spacious inside and can easily hold 4 people. There is also ample space to store bags etc behind you. The very short walk is still muddy so wellington boots are advised and please wrap up well in the colder months as it can get a bit chilly inside.

For this hide you are needing around 200mm to 25mm focal length on a full frame camera. A 300mm is to much. It is also worthwhile bringing along a remote trigger (preferably wireless or one with a lead of several feet) of some description as this will more than likely be required if you are sharing. A bean bag is also required here if more than one person is using the hide.

I feel this diving pool is better designed than the few others that are available in the UK. With the others your camera is outside the hide all day so you can not check your images, but I have chose to design it so you can shoot from the hide which means you have the chance to view images and change any camera settings required throughout the day. This is a huge plus in my book especially on days with changing light levels. The backdrop at this pool is a good 50 yards away which again is something not offered by the others.

I have made things as simple as possible so no matter what level of photography you are at this hide will give you great images. It really is as straightforward as could be so do not be intimidated if you are a novice. At the start of your day you will be shown how to set up etc.

As room is limited at the pool the cost of this hide is £90 per person per full day, but if there happens to be 3 people doing diving then the cameras will be tight together on the shelf so it is essential beanbags are used and remote triggers preferably wireless.

Available: All year
Max Participants: 3 Persons
Lenses: 200mm full frame is about the focal length required

Comfort is essential to making sure you get the most out of your time in the hide therefore warm clothing is a must in the colder months. For this time we recommend thermal leggings and tops with a couple of layers on top. The walk to the hide is over relatively flat with a small  bank to go down at the start. This can be muddy in winter so good walking boots, but much preferably wellingtons are recommended as it mostly very muddy on the short walk to he hide. Dark upper clothing is also desirable.

Due to the location of the hide, there are no toilets on site. There are however large reed beds which are discreet, but if this is not suitable there are public toilets in the nearby town which are a 5 minute drive away.

You can make a booking for this day via email at: info@photographyhides.co.uk