Daytime Badger Hide

Cost: £80pp single, £70pp double or £60pp for a group of 3. This rate applies for consecutive days also.

For this session you are seated behind netting and there is no roofing. Because of this it is worth bringing waterproofs and camera coverings in case it rains and it is also worth bringing some insect repellent so as to cover all weather possibilities.

A tripod and 300mm with convertor to 500mm lens is required and ideally a silent shutter mode should be used if your camera has this facility. It is also advised that single shots are fired at delayed intervals ( roughly every 3 seconds to begin with then once the animals are familiar with the sound it is ok to shoot more regular.)  Lens movement has also to be done slowly when required.  Please be aware stealth is very important as Badgers have incredible hearing so please be conscious of this when at the site.

Meeting will be around 5pm and the session will run to dusk or earlier if you wish. Please note that depending on which site I chose there can either be a fence to cross, a shallow stream about 6 inches deep and it is a 10 minute walk to the site.

Available: March – October
Max Participants: 3 Persons
Lenses: 300mm-500mm

Comfort is essential to making sure you get the most out of your time here therefore comfortable clothing is advised. Please do not wear any materials that are brightly coloured or are likely to create any noise.  The walk to the main site can get a little muddy so good waterproof walking boots or wellingtons are required. Please ensure you have Wellingtons available in case the second site needs to be used because they will be required to cross a small stream if we need to of to one of the sites. Dark upper clothing and a hat are also desirable.

Due to the location of the hide, there are no toilets on site.

You can make a booking for this day via email at: