Cuckoo Hide

Cost: £100 per person

Well I am proud to say that 2015 proved to be another very successful season with the 100% success rate. In 2016 I will have 7 hides to choose from and all of them are set in beautiful remote locations and have been thoughtfully positioned to offer the best lighting and backdrops. A short walk over quite soft ground is required for most of these hides.

Please note that this workshop will be over once the Cuckoo has visited several times which from start to finish can only last a few minutes. Sometimes it may only visit the perch once, but if this is the case it almost always stays on the perch for 5 minutes allowing hundreds of photographs to be taken. This hide usually only takes 2 or 3 hours from meeting to it is over and because of the shortness of a session I have added some combination days that allows other hides to be booked so you can fill your day. Some examples can be found here. It is worth adding that I have now done this bird for 2 years and I have not had a single blank session in this time.  However nothing is assured in wildlife and because of the time and money spent setting this up I can not offer refunds in the unlikely event of a no show. This is certainly the most amazing wildlife encounter I have witnessed in over 40 years in the field. Because of its popularity I am opening for bookings now as several people missed out in 2015 because of lack of availability.

Available: Late April – early June
Max Participants: 3 Persons
Lenses: 300mm (+TC) – 500mm

It can get a bit chilly at this site as it is situated in the moors and relatively high up so warm clothing is advisable. Despite being dry ground to be on the safe side wellington boots are advised in the very unlikely event that your feet get to close to an Adder by mistake. The walk to the spot is only a few hundred yards, very flat and easy to get to on foot.

Due to the location of this spot, there are no toilets on site.

IMPORTANT  Please be aware we are dealing with a shy bird that can be unpredictable. For this reason Scottish Photography hides may have to change the desired subject and/or schedule if it is thought the bird will not show. In this is the case you will be offered substitute subjects at the same or greater value at no extra cost. No refunds or free days will be offered if a now show or a change in your scheduled day does happen.

You can make a booking for this day via email at: